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I wish I had the courage to tell, The very inside my heart. I wish I had the courage to give, Love that I can freely give. I wish that I am matured enough, To face and resist the devil, I wish I am ENOUGH To live right. I wish I have not forgotten, The seed of good in my heart, I wish I never did, The things that made U hurt. I Wish that I may be an another person, From different dimension. I wish I lived faraway, Not to face the truth, I wish I am a dog, To run fast as I can, when get hurt. I wish I am an eagle, To spread my wings wider, To fly higher... I wish I am a mermaid, to swim all the time, As the water mixed with my tears. I wish that I can turn back the time, When we are happier, I wish I had the heart, To love. To understand. To trust. To deal with. To give. To sacrifice. To touch. I wish I am what I want to be… I wish things will change. I wish...Oh I wish…. I wish everything will change... I wish things remain.