Don’t Give up

“Sometimes I am impatient. Perhaps this is one of my so – called ‘negative” attitudes. I easily get “ upset”  when people I have a meeting with  got late, the project  I am eyeing ,are far to materialize, and some of my desire, wants and needs are too long to feel and see”.

Did you read my introduction? You can feel the emotion of an impatient person.

In my thirty six years on Earth, I’ve been through a lot. I’ve  met different kind of persons, I started to  work at the  young age of 18, I experienced what they called LIFE of being a single person, and when I got married and had a child, my “World” has changed, and I am now living my  life in a different dimension.  
And being the sole responsible and bread winner of my family, there is in me, the fire to make things happen immediately, and if not, I got disappointed. My phrases are ASAP (As soon as possible) without considering the factors. I want to get what I want in my specific time, because I am thinking that delays means NO and if on time means YES… and it leads to quitting. Immature isn’t it?

But Things had changed. In one morning while I am reading the bible, one verse struck my heart, as if God is directly speaking to me. In Genesis 18:14 says; is anything too hard for the Lord? No!

Very true. It only states that GOD is an all knowing God, and God of POSSIBLE! He is a God of surprises but HE only does the POSSIBLES to the faithful.

I remember Sarai, a faithful servant of God who bore a child , even she and her womb is too old to have a baby. I also remember the story of David, Job, Paul, Joseph and many Bible Characters who are really lived on Earth and loved God. .. And they are all has PATIENCE .They don’t gave up.

I’ve learned simple three words: Don’t give up.

And I will never give-up.

If the road of life is too long to drive, I will never STOP.

If morning sun is not shining, I will never quit to see it’s light
If it is raining, I will be thankful for the rain water and will wait for the rainbows.

I know that GOD is watching over me, and He want me to live my life patiently. I am very sure that JESUS knows my hurt and hardships. I am not the boss of my life now but JESUS. I will never quit because I will only live in this world temporarily, and there is a best life ahead of me with the Lord.

 I pray that you may be bless how God works in a marvelous way; it is not an accident that you read this, God Bless! 


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